Bizbang PCaaS10TM Deployment


User Management, Device Deployment, and Installation

On/Off Boarding

As part of Bizbangs’ PC as a service offering, the PCaaS10 program, adding and removing employees is made easy through our ITAM system. Organizations are dynamic. As you grow, it’s essential to keep user management streamlined to continue effective operations. With PCaaS10, adding and removing users to and from the program is as simple as opening a help desk ticket. Likewise, when employees leave, the off-boarding process is equally as simple. We take the headache of managing all aspects of the deployment process off your hands.


One of many benefits of the PCaaS10 program is that our Field Technicians are available to install all of your desktop devices that are on your refresh cycle. This can save your team a lot of time and gets the new technology into your employees’ hands faster. They can also remove and dispose of the old systems for you.

RMA management

We all know how frustrating and time-consuming processing equipment returns can be. Your Bizbang  PCaaS10 team handles the difficulty and inconvenience of the returns for you. They will provide you with a preprinted return label and the box if necessary.

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