Bizbang PCaaS10TM Asset Management


Asset Management

IT Asset Management and Client Portal

The BizBang PCaaS10, PC as a Service, program includes a complete IT asset management solution for all of your end users devices. Our highly customizable Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) system provides you with visibility to all of your devices via our Client portal.


BizBang understands the need for accurate, all-inclusive Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and seamless reporting. Your BizBang PCaaS10 team enables you to easily track and manage your IT assets from purchase through disposal while leveraging best-in-class software.

Active Inventory

As part of the PCaaS10 program, we will maintain an active inventory of parts and systems for you. This allows us to provide you with a same day fix or a quick ship replacement rather than sacrificing the productivity of your employees. Our philosophy has always been that the repair should be done on our time and at our expense – not yours. Once the unit is repaired and tested it will be placed back into your working inventory so we can be ready for the next event.  We go above and beyond any other PCaaS program.

Asset Disposal

Our disposal team will implement a certified, comprehensive asset recovery program that properly and securely disposes of old hardware devices. Our field technicians will securely remove devices from your network without cost overruns and liability concerns. Your organization will be given a detailed report of the disposal, ensuring all equipment is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

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