Device Management & Replacement

New Device Management

Flexibility is the key to the Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) program. Where most PC as a Service, or PCaaS, offerings are limited to a few devices from a specific vendor we work with all major computer manufacturers to ensure your employees always have the technology they need to keep them productive. We also provide a same day replacement warranty for your new equipment for the entire predetermined life cycle of the unit.

Whether your employees need laptops, desktops, or tablets our PCaaS offering provides and supports the technology they need for a fixed monthly cost per user. We will also manage the deployment and installation of the new equipment for you, if necessary.

Existing Device Management

We understand when you first become a Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) customer you will typically not start out with a complete refresh strategy on all of your end user devices. Therefore we take over the responsibility for your existing equipment and provide you with the identical same day replacement services as we do on new equipment.

We purchase all of the necessary parts and replacement spares for your current equipment and maintain them in our active inventory. Our active inventory allows us to provide you with same day replacement on your existing equipment in case anything should fail.

Refresh Cycle

Flexibility also describes the Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) refresh program. You decide what works best for your organization. Refresh cycles can range from two to five years. In addition, we can refresh different departments or users on different cycles. For example, you may want your sales team to have more recent technology than your back office administrative staff. We designed this program to provide you with the maximum flexibility while keeping your costs predictable.

You will also be assigned a Project Manager that will manage the entire refresh process including the delivery, installation and take care of the old asset’s disposal.

Warranty & Maintenance

Same Day Replacement is a term that has never been heard when discussing end user devices, and other PCaaS programs, until now. We understand that the core value of the Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) program is your employee’s productivity.

Most companies would rather replace a broken unit than pay to get it repaired. That means your current repair costs end up being the cost of a new unit. If you think that is expensive you might want to determine what your employees cost per hour when they are down. This is where the real hidden costs are.

In the event of any kind of failure, Bizbang will replace that system the same day, or overnight if the employee is remote. You will not suffer lost productivity due to the language barriers of overseas call centers. No more RMAs. No more warranty calls. No more lost time packaging and shipping a broken computer. No more waiting to hear if the unit will be repaired or a credit will be issued. No more waiting for your help desk to respond.

With Bizbang we keep your people productive and handle the repairs on our time, not yours. Once the device is repaired it is placed into your active inventory ready for use when needed.

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