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A New Approach to Image Management, Backup And More

The Bizbang PCaaS10  program model features a comprehensive slate of services including image management, professional help desk, backup and antivirus services. These services are unique when compared to other PC as a Service (PCaaS) programs and are essential to maximizing employee productivity. Our services allow us to deliver same day replacement services.


Ransomware, viruses, accidentally deleted files, hardware failures…

How are your users’ critical data protected from these common issues that end users experience on a daily basis? The Bizbang PCaaS10 direct-to-cloud backup and recovery solution captures this critical data and stores it in our enterprise-class cloud. Data is automatically backed up hourly when your users’ computers are connected to the Internet. It is as simple as the click of a mouse or a call to the help desk to restore a lost file, folder, or all of a user’s data.

Help Desk

When you enroll with the Bizbang PCaaS10 program you receive access to highly trained Help Desk Engineers that are focused on ensuring that your employees remain productive. We resolve issues in minutes, versus hours or days, and our people are regularly evaluated on customer satisfaction and time to resolution. Allow your IT people to focus on strengthening the core business rather than responding to mundane, repetitive calls. Too many organizations fall victim to the high turnover reality of this position. Dollars are lost in onboarding and training due to this continuous cycle. Our engineers have customer service in their DNA and the urgency to ensure your people remain productive.


Keep your users productive by shielding them from phishing attacks and hidden malware. Stay protected and productive with powerful antivirus and cross-platform protection for your business. Proven technology keeps systems and end-users safe with no interruptions or slowdowns. Bizbang has selected the leader in end user computing protection for our PCaaS10 offering to ensure your employees stay productive and your important data stays safe from malware and viruses.

Image Management

Have you ever had to spend your valuable time deleting the bloatware that computer manufacturers load on new systems? How do you ensure that each user in your organization has a consistent experience and access to the applications they need to be productive? Bizbangs PCaaS10 image management services will work with you to create one or more “golden images” so that each time a new or repaired device is introduced into your environment it is correctly configured and ready to go. No more deleting bloatware and other unnecessary applications. No more wasting time making sure the right applications are loaded on the right computers.

SW Licenses & Management

As part of the Bizbang PCaaS10 program, we will manage your Microsoft Windows and Office licenses. Whether you have an existing volume agreement with Microsoft or not we can track the license keys in use on each device in our ITAM system. If you do not have a volume license agreement then we can provide the licenses, and track the license keys in use on each device in our ITAM system. This way you can see how many licenses you have in use at any time.

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 customer we can help to manage your subscription, verify your license/user count is correct, and help you get the most of the service.

If like many organizations, you are considering moving to Office 365 we can assist in determining the right plan for you. We can provide the licensing, migration services and license tracking.


Bizbang PCaaS10 sales consultants are available to discuss your end-user device management.

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