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Bizbang™ is a new type of IT services company, and our PC as a Service (PCaaS) offering is a complete end-to-end solution that shifts all costs associated with acquiring your end-user computing devices, and the technical infrastructure required to support them, into a simple fixed cost per user per month.

With the Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) program, we take over all functions related to your end-user computing devices, including providing the actual devices themselves. We also include all of the services required to optimize your end users productivity.

You will be amazed at all of the deliverables that the Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) program provides. The IT services we provide were derived from our Fortune 100 customers and are of the absolute highest caliber. The best part is that we can deliver it all at a price that is a fraction of what you are currently spending.

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Bizbang is a division of Service IT Direct, a mission critical data center support company with a 28-year history of providing the very best in IT support for enterprise servers and storage systems. Service IT Direct currently supports 10% of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of the Fortune 5000.

Why is this relevant? It proves that we have the people, skills, and tools in place today to not only handle the largest company’s mission-critical computing requirements, but their end users computing needs as well.

As respected managed service providers and the developers of Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS), Bizbang is the choice of discerning small and medium sized businesses everywhere. For those considering laptop leasing or desktop computer leasing, for those enamored with PC as a Service or Device as a Service or for those looking for cloud management, our subscription approach enables you to budget monthly for exactly what you need.



The current desktop infrastructure and support models used today are simply not working. We discovered that most models are extremely inefficient and costly to continuously staff, implement and manage.

Gartner research has repeatedly said that unless IT will give your company’s product or service a distinctive advantage over your competition, don’t invest in it – outsource it.

Until Bizbang, and our PC as a Service (PCaaS) offering, no one offered all of the resources and services under one roof as an all-inclusive monthly pay per user service. There’s no other IT services company that does business like Bizbang.

Taking into account the best methodologies currently in use by enterprise companies to equip and support their end users, we architected a new model that will give end users a vastly superior experience, with a lower cost. The Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) program includes everything required to provide the ultimate service experience with unheard of coverage and response times. The following web pages will provide all of the details of the services Bizbang® PC as a Service (PCaaS) includes in just one low monthly price. Bizbang will definitely change the way you think about end user computing!

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